Monday, May 08, 2006

Hello fandamily!! well since i can't figure out how to get our pic onto the profile, this is what we look like in black and white.


Blogger Sindy said...

allo momo
sindydogs prowlin ararnd blogland an i sniffed u out an so nows i's off to tell mumz. got a new post meself abart me bein good insted of a cowch slowch like wot mumz sez i is
luv an lix
sindy bin

Friday, 12 May, 2006  
Blogger VallyP said...

Coool Momo
I never saw these cos I gave up looking for a few days, but reeeeally good to see your pics and posts. Sindy told me they were there. Wretched dog - can't keep her away from my laptop these days!

I forget how happy you and Craig are till I see your pics and then I'm so pleased you too have met.

Must tell your ugly blister that you've updated!
Tons of love to your both

Friday, 12 May, 2006  

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