Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fond Farewells

This year will be a sad year as many of my friends are leaving. Just last Sunday We said our goodbyes to our favorite Teddy Bear Arthur, he finally beat the odds and got to go to England. I hope you achieve all you set out to my friend, oh and keep me updated on the world cup investments!! Although I still see Tamlyn every now and then, it's been a lonely year without coffee at the Wimpy and many long chats over a bottle of Rose and a box of popcorn. Tam now works at a pharmacy in Pine Town but is off to Port Nolloth next year to do her community service. Then of course Rox and Damien, who are also getting married really soon CONGRADULATIONS I hope you guys have a wonderful life together!!. These two will be off to Cape Town next year where Rox will be doing her community service and Damien will start work as a finance wizard. There are some I may never see again, like Stuart, a friend with a great big voice and a heart to match. Mark and Gen whom I see every now and then in the corridoors, also working their way through masters - GOOD LUCK GUYS!! Then there are all the digsmate who, one by one will graduate and leave. You guys have made it really interesting! You know you drive me bonkers but I love you all the same, I will miss you all terribly!


Blogger VallyP said...

Awww Momo, that is such a sweet post and a really cool photo. It is sad, isn't it, when all your buddies go off and do their thing and eventually you lost touch. Thc dool part is when you find them again, though. I am now back in touch with my digs mate at uni, Allison and also with Roland and Ed, two of my other digsmates, so it comes back eventually.

As Roland says, when you've all been through that maturing process together, it forges a bond that is never completely broken. Keep smiling pet!

Friday, 14 July, 2006  

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