Thursday, May 18, 2006


Yepidoodle, on the 8th of May Craig and I celebrated our full year of knowing each other, and being completely Mad, Nutty and totally Bonkers for each other n'ol. We decided to get away for the weekend and travelled about 200 km to Cintsa. We stayed in a backpackers called Buccanneers which is supposedly the best backpackers in the country. It definitely caters for young people in a big way and not only is the land absolutely georgous,but the dorms and campsites top notch, the bar great fun and the activities are varied and inexpensive. I just felt the staff were a little too clicky, and after speaking to a few of the other back packers, found that i was not alone in my opinion. Anyhoo, that was about the only negativo thing, we had a great time otherwise. We camped in our awesome little dome tent which was snug as a bug by night and met some fantastic people by day i.e. Tom (from Israel) who taught us an interesting phrase in hebrew that translates directly to "switching off the fire" by peeing on it of course

(an activity we didn't put into practice) We wish all the best to Tom who should be off up the East Coast of Africa somewhere before returning home to embark on his studies.

Cindy and Patrick (from Rotterdam Big UP!) who are travelling around surf africa a bit before finishing up their Asian trip (always knew there was something funny about the SA geography lessons). You can check out their website at Patrick actually taught at the Wolfert van Borselen School in Rotterdam, which is where I went to school back in the day... small world! As for Craigus Brutus and Myself, we went canoeing, had a braai in the dunes overlooking the sea, enjoyed a Xhosa meal with our new gang and of course took relentless micky out of the miserable staff!!

We had a lovely weekend all in all and hope to be able to make a few more small trips this year, before we embark on our big adventure across the african continent...


Blogger VallyP said...

Hey MO and Craigus
Have been getting all silly and sentimental about SA, and the beautiful pics, and wishing somehow that I had never left. Just shown Koos the pics of the Malealea site and it's so stunning. One day I'll go back there to stay... Hope the Dutch couple drop in when they get back. Have seen their site and your comment. You can write Dutch Mo!
anyway, thanks for the lovely pictures and the even lovelier post. Congratulations on your anniversary my sweets. I love you both

Thursday, 18 May, 2006  
Blogger Barry & Jodie said...

Oh boy, I'm really gonna have to start saving some money. Great pics! Stunned and amazed people, stunned and amazed.


Friday, 19 May, 2006  
Anonymous Jodie said...

Wow, looks like you kids (hee hee hee) had a great trip and big congratulations on your year together. Baz and I will be celebrating our year together in a similar fashion actually; although I am as yet completely in the dark as to where we are going... but I'm sure we'll have lots of piccies and an extensive report when we get back.

Love and hugs to you both.


Friday, 19 May, 2006  
Anonymous Marijke said...

Hi, I met your Mum the other day, and she has told me about your blog page. It's very cool! You guys have a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to go to Africa one day

Saturday, 20 May, 2006  

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