Sunday, June 18, 2006

Energy, energy everywhere but not a person to use it.

Energy. The final frontier. Energy is the life blood of everything and everyone. It is said all energy comes from the big fire ball in space called the sun. The interesting thing about energy is that it can't be created or lost, however it can be transformed from one type of energy to another. For example A fire has many types of energy that is constantly changing from one type of energy to another. The wood in a fire has potential energy in it. This means that when you light it up it will release this energy in the form of heat, light and even sound energy. There are six types of energy that I know off. Kinetic energy. The movement of an object. Potentail energy. The energy that is stored. Heat energy. The energy that raises the temperature of an object. Light energy. Energy that is visible. Sound energy. Energy that is audioable. Electrical energy. Energy that has a charge. All these known energy forms are able to transfrom from one to another. Energy source. I understand an energy source as; A substance that provides energy. For example petrol, gasoline or paraffin. There are two main energy sources. 1. Fossil fuels, non-renewable. Examples; Oil, petrol, paraffin and gasoline 2. Natural energy sources, renewable. Examples; Wind, goethermal (the heat from the earthscorecore.),solar rays and wave action. There is probarly more, however i can't think of them. Manipulation of energy. If we look at any mechanical or electronic system, we will find that three things must be in place for the system to function. 1. Input. This is energy you will put into the system. 2. Process. This is where the energy is manipulated or changed or transformed. 3. Output. This is the end result of the manipulated energy. For example a bicycle. The pedal is were you input your enrgy, the chain and sprocket processes this energy (or changes the energy by the configuration of the sprockets.) and the output will either be more accelaration or you can climb a steep hill with more power. My dream. My dream is to build a train that use's natural energy sources in order to move. A diagram will give you an idea of my thinking. Please note I am not a scientist, however I am a dreamer. I have broken down the green steam process down into subsystems. Subsystem 1 is the boiler and condensor system. Subsystem 2 is the electical system. Subsystem 3 is the mechanical system. Subsystem 1. The boiler, piston and condensor are connect in a close circuit. Thus water/steam can not escape. The boiler will have an element. Which will boil the water, so that it can create steam. This steam will pass throught the piston. The piston will be pushed using the steam. Then the steam will leave the piston and go into a condensor were it will be transformed back into water. The water is pumped into the boiler, were the cycle starts again. Subsystem 2. The electrical system. Initally a solar panels will provide energy so that the element may start the green steam system. A chemical battery will give power to the element in the boiler. When the train starts to move. There will be linkages to onboard generators which will route the electrical power to a secondary chemical battery. The secondary chemical battery will be used to start, and run the train. Will the primary battery is charged from the generators. Subsystem 3. Mechanical system. Basically it is the piston moving the flywheels on the train track. The configuration of the pistons is still to be decided.


Blogger VallyP said...

This is all amazing! Is it you, Momo or is it you,Cas? "I am not a scientist", hence the question-whose idea is this? Why don't you submit it to whatever commission is studying alternative energy sources.??

Momo, I saw the message on Jo's blog..hope you are fine pet and would love to hear about your adventures on the White train!!!

Sunday, 18 June, 2006  
Blogger VallyP said...

Well done for this Craigus!

I'd like to hear more of your ideas and inventions! More from craig please...;-)

Lots of love

Monday, 19 June, 2006  

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