Friday, June 09, 2006


This week has been one of those weeks where you just want to crawl into a bomb shelter and let the rest of the world be nuked! On Friday night my poor car (splat) was totally violated. The wretched putrid stinking pieces of pooh that crawl the streets broke in and when they couldn't find anything to steal, decided to break every movable part they could find. They tried unsuccesfully to get the radio, but the pea brained idiots didn't realise you can't steal a fitted radio. So they broke that too. On saturday night, you can imagine my livid state, when I discovered two more cretinous devils trying to get in. This time I at least got the satisfaction of swearing at them and chasing them down the road, but honestly, why can't they just leave me alone! This is now the third time it has happened in about a month! On top of that I have my usual pain in the proverbial - but at least i did get my meds, thanks everyone! (tea room topic " Mo's pain in the butt" Woe is me! Anyhoo, sorry bout the ranting, but a girl's got to get it off her chest (yes and that does mean to every new person she comes across - it's therapeutic!) Ok, on to more exciting things... yes i am off to the groot gat! well close by anyway, thought I'd take mine to see something that is even more famous. Surf Africans will know I am talking about the Kimberly Hole where they mined diamonds a while back. I'm to work on the Phelophepa health train for one week. It will be good to get a taste of pharmacy again, take a break from all the carcinogens and toxins. I'm sure if you google it, there is info on the net, but i will be sure to take pics and post them on my return. Trouble is they anally retentive slugs that broke into my car did manage to steal my memory stick so i have to revert to some old school disks in order to bring you the picture highlights of Mo and Cas. Till next time....


Blogger VallyP said...

That's awful Mooska! Your beautiful car? Did they do a lot of damage? I'll try an call you, pet. Going to England tomorrow for Tee's silver wedding anniversary, but hope you'll be OK, and please TAKE CARE!

Glad you got your meds tho!

Like the piece about the WHO! Who?

Jo's in Scotland being proposed to!!!

Love you my Mo

Saturday, 10 June, 2006  

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