Friday, June 02, 2006

Who would have thought...

Who would have thought seaweed could be so interesting. Not I, and I suppose not many out there either. But now that I am part of this Marine Biotechnology Research group (sounds posh hey!) , well I see it in a very new light.

I guess it's a double bonus that i get to go to the beach a lot whilst all the other research students in my department are stuck in rooms with barely even a window surrounded by buzzing equipment.Forgive me for gloating... but who wouldn't hee hee

Ok, so I also get stuck in at the lab but I can always imagine the seaweed swishing about in the waves and furiously producing chemical defenses against the beastly sea hares who want to eat them all up. Well, sea hares aren't so bad, they are actually fascinating too. many compounds used as a plant's chemical defence are isolated from sea hares because once they've eaten the alga they sequester the compounds and use them against other bigger beastlier things that want to eat them. Clever hey!

Ecology is actually an amazingly interesting topic,for me anyway. For those of you who don't know, my masters research project is to find an environmentally friendly anti-fouling agent that will discourage little beasties like barnacles from settling on ship hulls, oil rigs, underwater pipelines etc.

So far I have been working on a seaweed that is so jam packed with compounds, it's like the pentagon in terms of defence, but then again, has about as much intelligence (oops did I write that)


Blogger VallyP said...

I'm so proud of you my Mo, and so glad to see you are up and back to life again. You live in such an exalted world and yet make it sound quite fun really.

I like the last line!!!

Friday, 02 June, 2006  
Anonymous Barry said...

Hi Mo,

I bet your fellow student are jealous indeed. Nothing like a good day at the beach. Also interesting to read about your master research project. Maybe you could keep us posted on your progress? By the way, when you've succesfully made your anti-fouling agent, will it be used by/ sold to a company?

I know this sounds as if i actually know something about this form of research, but my knowledge of these sort of topics is really as good as my Latin, which is non-existent ;-)

And about the blond joke... At least now i see you and Jo are indeed sisters. That's exactly the kind of things she'd do; posting another blond joke. So good on ya mate ;-)

Saturday, 03 June, 2006  
Blogger VallyP said...

By the way, I forgot to say, the pics are beautiful as well. I love the first one. Where is that, not Kenton, I think?

Was good to talk to you last night, and hear for myself that you're feeling better. Tell that Craigus Brutus, he is now in loco parentis, meaning he'd better *b* well look out for Only joking Craig! Well half joking...:-) Love you too, kiddo

Love you always
Mamasita xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 03 June, 2006  
Anonymous Jodie said...

Hee hee hee love the last line Mo!

Sounds like exciting stuff, this dissecting of seaweed and such... although I seem to remmeber reading somewhere that seaweed is fairly amazing stuff... apparently its a super-duper filtration agent too... but I must admit that it is all just a wee bit over my head.

I'll stick to the blonde jokes :)

Love you lots Momo and hope you're feeling much much better.

Saturday, 03 June, 2006  
Blogger VallyP said...

Hey Mooska
Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog! You received official greetings from both Dale and Gypsy as a result!

I'm thinking of you lots pet, and hope you get your medicines must be so uncomfortable without it. Why's it taking so long? Surely the chemist knows you? Is there anything holding it up at the CAmaf end? If so, I'll shamelessly use my contacts there to get it sorted out!

Sunday, 04 June, 2006  

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