Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear Craig lal ala la la laaaaaa

OCTOBER 12 Craigus Brutus Anthonio Banderas Scott HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY from all of us at #2, Holly, Poppy, Kofi, Chloe, MoMo We hope you had a great day!!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

On this day....

Many many moons ago Brave young black shorts took on wily red streak-striped pant, followed by innocent and unsuspecting long hair. Black shorts and long hair lured into red streak-striped pant’s evil trap. The brave and squaw learn valuable lesson that day…stay low, hang back, think quick. Long hair divert attention and black shorts tailed by red streak-striped pant make way to local market place where long hair come across vital escape water faring vessels. Red streak – striped pant no cross river so black shorts and long hair swim happily to safety. Red streak- striped pant yell from shore flexing bulging muscles. Mischievous brave and giggly squaw rest on green grass while beaming sun keep warm.

Monday, October 02, 2006


On Saturday, Nasar Mannan an ol and MoMo Money partook in a race organized by a local cellular network service provider. We were extremely hyped up and met the challenge like a bull running after a matador, only to run straight into a series of big booboos which ultimately meant we didn't finish. It was great fun although extremely physically demanding and we ended up having to recover for the rest of the weekend by vegging out in front of the TV flat out on the couch. We were navigating the campus using a series of clues and had about an hour to run almost eight kms whilst figuring out cryptic clues and using the LG game phone to make silent movies, take pictures and find the ever elusive skipman. In the end Nas won a cap for "bringing sexy back" with his unique dancing skills and we both got free T-shirts, caps and goody bags. I love free stuff so i was happy as... Craigus was base command and helped us navigate by surfing the web for answers to the clues and did an awesome "worm" breakdance move, which featured in our silent movie. Ahhh, now it's back to the lab, till next time!