Friday, July 28, 2006

Whether the Weather is all about Geography?

It seems the planet is just doing it's thing. Apparently we are overdue for an ice age by about 10 000 years (don't quote me on that, just one of those arb facts that "they say") which is characterised by a global drop in temperatures of about 10 degrees celsius. It has happened in cycles throughout the earth's history, and can be the result of global warming caused by green house gasses. bla bla bla... translation... if it gets too hot sindy, be wary of having cold poten soon! I know this is way off topic, but in my mind strangely related... is any one else freaking out about the Middle East Crisis? Maybe it's too hot there and they are losing it, but it seems to be a hellish situation up there.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We miss the Sun!


JULY Bloooz

Do you ever have those days, weeks or months where you just want to sleep all the time? when life just seems like way too much effort and you just have no energy to do or enjoy anything? I have been feeling so flat lately, it seems as if i have spent all my energy on work, building, study, but just don't seem to be getting anywhere or doing anything meaningful. Maybe it's the weather, I wish it was warmer. It sounds like europe is toasty and warm, but here in Africa where it's supposed to be all nice and hot, I sit with blue lips, purple hands and a back that aches from the tension of being cold. Cold cold cold cold. My house is freezing to start with and my lab is even colder. I read the temperature today in my lab. It was 12 degrees. I am not used to this, and I am miserable. My supervisor just laughs when I tell him I am too cold to think straight. He doesn't even get it that I DO NOT want to come to work every day. The thought of it makes me sad. I wish the sun would come back. meep meep meep

Sunday, July 16, 2006

GTOWN My town

For those of you, such as my soon to be bro in law and sister in law who have not ventured into deepest darkest africa, I thought I'd make you a little collage. None of the pics are my own and I obtained them from various sites on the net so i guess they don't have that personal touch, but I'm hoping it will give you a small idea of where Craig and I live. You will see our National Flag and beneath it the crest of our Province the Eastern Cape. For all my peeps that have been, i hope you remember this little town with fond memories, such as those it has given me (for the most part - i haven't forgot my car, poor splat!) The nooz this week is that Craig and I worked our little fingers to the bone yesterday. We have created an off street parking space for splat and Vernon's car. WoW! it was hard work i tell you! I will post pick next time. Tomorrow is the start of the new school term, which means i no longer have to be jealous of Craigus getting up at noon every day. Hold thumbs everyone, he has the grade 4's first, about 30 9 year olds to entertain. Sounds more like a punishment than a job to me, hee hee. Erm... ok, I'm a bit pooped out right now, all the manual labour starting to have effect...till next time!

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Acorn Arms.

When we went on a journey back in time we decided to stop of at the Acorn Arms for a spot of lunch. The ambiance of the restruant was cool and very laid back. The menu included fried fish and rice, beef and potatoes, spicy thai chicken and rice, boston butt with some veggies. The format was that we paid a certain amount of money and we could get anything on the menu twice. I think it was a well placed plan as the meal sizes were relatively small. Which gives a person more confidence to finish and order a second, third and in my case fourth round of food. What made it really special was that I had spent the day with my folks and my girlfriend. The occasion was complete. Good food, good people and good memories. The name "The Acorn Arms" I must say got me think and... My imagination went a bit crazy as I could imagine hardcore roughed up old fairy soldiers talking about battles they have experinced and the places they have been. While drinking at a bar and thier acorn helmets set against a wooden wall.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fond Farewells

This year will be a sad year as many of my friends are leaving. Just last Sunday We said our goodbyes to our favorite Teddy Bear Arthur, he finally beat the odds and got to go to England. I hope you achieve all you set out to my friend, oh and keep me updated on the world cup investments!! Although I still see Tamlyn every now and then, it's been a lonely year without coffee at the Wimpy and many long chats over a bottle of Rose and a box of popcorn. Tam now works at a pharmacy in Pine Town but is off to Port Nolloth next year to do her community service. Then of course Rox and Damien, who are also getting married really soon CONGRADULATIONS I hope you guys have a wonderful life together!!. These two will be off to Cape Town next year where Rox will be doing her community service and Damien will start work as a finance wizard. There are some I may never see again, like Stuart, a friend with a great big voice and a heart to match. Mark and Gen whom I see every now and then in the corridoors, also working their way through masters - GOOD LUCK GUYS!! Then there are all the digsmate who, one by one will graduate and leave. You guys have made it really interesting! You know you drive me bonkers but I love you all the same, I will miss you all terribly!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Brother blog

Visit A new sub section of gtownbliss, run by Craig.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The rebirth - Natal

Once upon a time I lived on a farm in Natal. This past weekend I visited the area and although it is still beautiful, the timber companies have bought the land and trees have replaced people. There are a few informal settlements but farm houses lie in ruin. My mum is writing a book where in she accurately describes our time there, I was too young to remember much. visit http://african to read the latest chapter. A big thank you must go to Craig's Parents (Pam and Campbell) who took us on a journey back in time. We had a delicious all you can eat lunch at The Oaks at Byrne a small hotel in the tudor look-a-like town of Byrne which is nestled in amongst the hills of the Natal midlands.

It was quite an emotional day for me, many changes have come to pass, not only in the area but in my life and my family in the 21 years or so since we left the area. I am happy to say, however that the land is rich and beautiful, the plants that once lined lush lawns still prevail although now they are entwined with bush veld and pioneer weeds ( which I kind of like, its almost as if they've been returned to the wild themselves).

Thank you to Craig too, I may never have gone back had it not been for you. MAC

Craig and Cousin Tessa