Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heartbreak for haminals There is something I really don't enjoy when I watch TV, that is to see companies using the sorry look of animals to sell a product. When I watch these adverts I often end up with tears streaming down my face, The advert works well with regard to reaching my emotional side, but in all honesty, I never want to buy their material products. An ad for a car depicts a baby jelly in a spacious back seat having fun, but at the end, you see the baby elephant in a huge barred truck looking out at kids in the car. I can't help imagining how trapped the poor elephant feels and how the ad makes mockery of his imprisonment Another ad shows a cat running back to it's old home after the family has moved, why? to rub against paint. But on the way he must get splashed by cars passing through puddles, dodge trains and all sorts of things. Do I want the paint? No I want to rescue the cat from these sadistic advertisers The only ad I like is one inwhich many puppies in the pound plead for assistance, at least that ad is asking the consumer to help them.
The other day I dropped Craig off at work and I saw a pack of about 8 dogs tearing into one helpless pup. I immediately slammed on breaks and jumped out of the car. I felt a quick flash of joy when I saw another person had stopped only to be horrified as he picked up a brick and began beating the dogs on the head. The attacked pup managed to get free but his front leg was hanging out of it's socket. I was just about to reach it when this small child came running up and threw a huge rock at it. I spun around and was about to scream at her when I saw her age, I managed a chocked "don't throw stones, she is hurt" but when I turned again, the pup had run away.
So often I see things like this and it is so hard for me to accept that people don't see that animals have hearts and feelings too.
The advertisers may think they are not hurting the animals they put in their adverts, but they add to the bigger picture of animal cruelty.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the lap of luxury...

This is a Teeboy De-Luxe exactly like the one I own
Teeboy Deluxe - 1970's After a long period in which there appear to have been no new models, one finally appeared in the 1970's. This teasmade is mechanically and structurally very simple (the base is a thin sheet of hardboard!) but it works well and has a simplistic appeal. It has a square kettle and teapot, with the handles and spouts set diagonally at the corners, but the Metamec clock breaks new ground for teasmades with its unusual design. oooooooh! The Teeboy Deluxe was made with several different kettle designs, some are ceramic, some chrome, and all the lids differ, as do the clock faces. Despite these variations no Teeboys have a visible model or serial number. Servicing details for this model spanned two premises. Some examples of the Teeboy Deluxe, featuring a Metamec clock with a production date of 1976, have on them a label stating that for repairs and service the owner should contact Teeboy Engineering at Pump Lane, Hayes. Other examples bear a label stating that the service address for Teeboy Engineering Limited is in Uxbridge.
This handy little helper makes me coffee rather than tea, but it is such a great little invention and always gets people talking.
Craig received it as a gift from my dad, but usually wakes up before his alarm so it never got used. All the lonely hours without caffeine in my lab made the little kettle clock seem very appealing and although in the lab next door a modern cappuchino machine can be found, it isn't half as interesting as my little friend.
Teeboys were quite popular back in the day as you can see from the following photos
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